Tom is teaching me how to shoot a 22 rifle and after a couple of days, I am now learning the  357 Magnum.  I seem to be doing well as Tom keeps telling me so.  Personally have no clue if I’m hitting the target except for looking at it up close and look for the bullet entry. It’s not always as close as I wish but Tom keeps commenting, “Well, if you had to hit a “target” ie; Bear, that is coming at you at full force, you would do well”.  Whew, I was worried but I’m not now.  Yeah, right, as I look for my cowbell and start reciting “hey bear, hey bear”!

It’s been a long and dreary week.  Not much sun and a constant drizzle.  The weather makes me wonder if I have/ “SAD”, (I think that’s what they call it) the sunlight deficiency syndrome.  Well, the sun has been out for two days now AND it’s been over 50 degrees.  Imagine that, a full day of sunshine, it’s warm AND it’s not raining. Yippee!! 

The days are getting longer as we creep ever closer to June 21st, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and always a favorite day for me.  I delight in the days of summer when sunlight reaches late into the day, but here, in Alaska, this is the norm.  I see the sun from 4:30 am until 8:45 pm then it dips behind the mountain, however, it stays bright and light until 11 pm.  I always wondered how Alaskan’s slept during the long days but I can assure you, by the time dinner is over and a couple glasses of wine are enjoyed, it’s easy to fall asleep in the “daylight”. 

Lady Lize i

Lady Lize being lowered into the ocean with her new “shoes”

Our trip this week to Kodiak included picking up Lady Lize.  She is so proud of her two brand new 4-Stroke 250 HP outboard engines.  She goes real fast!  Although I’m born and raised in Hawai’i I haven’t spend much time around boats or harbors.  Surprisingly I have since being in Alaska.  Imagine that!  Anyway, I was fascinated to watch as Lady Lize was put back into the water. The boat crane they use is huge, like a monster out of a Starwars movie.  Anyway, these long, heavy-gauge giant belts are fastened underneath the hull of the boat then lifted off of a platform that then moves the boat along a huge belt and slowly lowers it into the harbor.  Pretty cool.  

We are gearing up for our first set of guest due to arrive July 6th.  Over dinner one evening, I mentioned “decorating” ideas I had for the cabins and it seems we are all congruent that they need updating.  In the past Tom’s guests would visit camp with their children. Now that they are older only the adults are visiting.  This means less beds, bunk-beds to be exact.  So now that there is a more “sophisticated” clientele, we removed the bunk beds from the cabins, and WOW!, you should see the improvement.  I can’t wait to get in there and decorate! 


Chocolate Lily

Another beautiful random image…..

It’s been a few days since I last wrote and it’s due to the “new” cabins!  They are re-decorated and each has a theme – we have the Prospector Cabin (yup, years ago gold prospecting from our river was the norm), the Beachcomber Cabin the Deep Sea Fishing Cabin and the Hunting Cabin.  I have two rooms remaining that are in the main building – one will be the “Trekking” room, to celebrate Tom’s 1995 Mt. Everest (properly referred to as Sagarmatha) Expedition, Tom has all of the gear, maps, etc. that I can use to decorate and the last room will be the Stream Fishing room, complete with rod & reels, nets and Waders.  There are so many waders here (albeit, they all LEAK!) it is incomprehensible!  I could line the walls with waders!  Everyone leaves them here for their next expedition to Port Vita and over the years they have accumulated.  J.  The remainder decorations came from the camp that I scoured around for.  Tom and Shane supplied the fishing gear. There are LOTS of fishing items here, almost more than the waders (just kidding). All in all the cabins look great and I had a good time decorating them.  

P.S. – I hope to get the photo placement application right some time soon!!!  Hope you enjoy these.

Tom's Bhutanese Flags

Random views around the “hood”